In these pages you will find information about CD++ and Cadmium, two toolkits for Discrete-Event modeling and simulation. The environments are based on the DEVS (Discrete-Event systems Specifications) and Cell-DEVS formalisms.

DEVS is a discrete-event formalism that allows a hierarchical and modular description of the models. DEVS can describe behavioral models (atomic) or structural (coupled). Cell-DEVS allows modeling systems that can be represented as executable cell spaces.

Details about the DEVS formalism can be found in:“Theory of Modeling and Simulation”. B. Zeigler, H. Praehofer, T. G. Kim. 2nd Edition. Academic Press. 2000.

Details about DEVS implementation in CD++ and Cadmium, as well as Cell-DEVS model definition can be found Discrete-Event Modeling and Simulation: a practitioner’s approach (book). G. Wainer (click here to get it at Amazon).

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The following references present various topics related to DEVS and Cell-DEVS. For the interested reader, more references are available here:

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