Download & Installation

Download & Installation

CD++Builder is an Eclipse plugin that provides a development environment to build simulation projects. It enables editing CD++ related files, compiling and running simulations, visualizing the results and support for developing multiple projects.

CD++ for Windows

Eclipse 3.5.2 and CD++Builder Plugin

To upgrade from an existing installation such as CD++Builder Installer (with Eclipse 3.4) read the following Installation Instructions: InstallationGuide-2010.11.10.doc. Draft User Manual.

CD++ for Linux

Installation Videos

Here, you will find a number of videos explaining how to install the software:

– Installing CD++Builder on Eclipse 3.4

– Installing CD++Builder on Eclipse 3.6

– A Demo showing how to start building a new model (based on an existing one)

– Some typical errors and how to fix them

Many other support tools are available (check the Support Tools section).