CD++ is a toolkit for Discrete-Event modeling and simulation. The environment is based on the DEVS (Discrete-Event systems Specifications) formalism.

This page is focused on the toolkit itself. Users interested in the underlying theory should consult:


  • To download CD++, click here
  • For information for developers, check out Software Docs for documentation
  • Sample models can be downloaded from here.

Simulation Algorithms

Different simulation algorithms have been implemented:

  • Standalone (single CPU),
  • Server mode (the simulator is installed as a server accessible through TCP/IP sockets),
  • Real time (the simulator is tied to the real-time clock),
  • Embedded (E-CD++; the simulator uses the real-time clock and can be embedded in single-board computers),
  • Parallel (over a Linux cluster or Windows-based PC clusters),
  • Distributed (over Web Services).